Jez and Clem lined up within viewing distance of the start line at Hyde Park.

All the way back in early November last year (sorry for the delay) we took on our usual role supporting Bo’ and all the other very old vehicles, with our slightly newer ones, at the VCC London to Brighton Run. 

With a cloudy forecast ahead of us, the day promised to be an enjoyable outing (or at least more dry than last year). Jez had spent the night camping outside the garage due to a faulty door, and so having untarped her, done the usual checks, and ensured everyone was present we set off early to see Bo’ across the line. Some last minute checking ensued while Hyde Park corner was enveloped in various exhaust gases from the old vehicles. And with that the run began. 

A bunch of slow, old cars turns out to be a great opportunity for a photo on the Mall.

It was fortunately fairly uneventful for us. The weather stayed mostly clear and we managed to stay on route with no (major) detours. Our only challenge, upon hearing our usual food and drink spot ‘The Jolly Tanners’ was closed for refurbishment, was to locate an adequate pub in good time; Fortunately Team Bo’ were on hand to recommend one to us. With food and drink sorted we were left to enjoy the run.

We took our time this year, sticking fairly close to Bo’ for the whole run. Whether this was due to overly-long refreshment stops, a reluctantly admitted admiration for Bo’s effort, or a certain driver stalling on a hill while showing off Fourth gear (*cough* Knifey letting Bo overtake us on a hill *cough*) is still up for debate. No matter the reason, it was a great opportunity to watch Bo’ on his triumphant drive to Brighton. The run finished with Bo’ passing over the finish line just in time, with a crowd of support on Madeira Drive. Unfortunately, we soon remembered that Jez and Clem did not have the luxury of being trailered home by a Volvo like Bo’ did, and we quickly realised we ought to set off back to London.

The drive home was mostly just cold and dark – so nothing extraordinary. Clem took a “known detour” which ended up being more adequately described as a slightly terrifying run down a horribly uneven country road with very low branches. After this Clem was able to speed back to London with those needing to catch trains home, while Jez was left to fend for radiator water from whatever tap she could find.

The evening was finished with Jez being put away in the garage, to be shut in there until estates decided to repair our door.