There are a plethora of ways to get involved in RCS Motor Club and not all of them involve getting dirty (although if that is your thing there will be plenty of opportunities).

Motor Club Members accompany Jez to the Summer Ball in 2008
Motor Club Members accompany Jez to the Summer Ball in 2008

Even if you have never done anything vaguely mechanical before we are keen to teach new members the ins and outs of Jez’s regular maintenance routine.  After a few hours in the garage you’ll know your box joints from your UJs and your graphite grease from your steam oil.

If getting up to your armpits in grease isn’t your thing we’ll be happy to fish the nuts and bolts out of a mug, make you a cup of tea and settle you down with some brasso. With over 55 square metres of brasswork Jez is always in need of a spot of polishing to keep her looking shiny.

It’s not all heavy labour though as you’ll often find us knuckling down to some sewing, especially the night before May Brighton when we need to look our best in authentic fireman’s tunics.

Maintenance and repair aside, Jez is happy to welcome members who just appreciate what a novel opportunity this is to get seen out and about in London or further afield. We love surprising city bankers on a Motor Club Pub Crawl and we regularly socialise in and around the City of London. So if you’re looking for a social club with a bit of a twist then RCS Motor Club is definitely for you.

To join the Motor Club you need to be a member of Imperial College Union.

Click here to visit the union website where you can get your RCS Motor Club membership online.