RCS Motor Club has two electronic mailing lists. The first is ‘rcsmc-list‘, whilst the other is ‘jez-mechanics‘. You do not have to be a student of Imperial College to join either list, so please feel free to sign up if you’re interested.


This list is the “regular” mailing list for the club. It is through this list that we advertise our events and outings, and also keep club members up-to-date with the progress of the club. All club members should be a member of this list.

To join this list, please visit the mailman rcsmc-list site.


This list is intended for those with an interest in the maintenance and repair of Jezebel. This list can sometimes generate large bursts of emails discussing a particular technical issue, especially in the run-up to events or in the event of significant mechanical failure. Members of this list should also be a member of the rcsmc-list, as most events will not be publicised via jez-mechanics.

To join this list, please visit the mailman jez-mechanics site.