In our quest to find out more about Jezebel, RCS Motor Club has collected information about the London Fire Brigade and Dennis fire engines. In conjunction with other N Type owners around the world we now have a large archive of data available.

This archive contains information about our search for information about Jez and other interesting historical facts discovered along the way. For a biography of Jez from the day she was constructed, check out A Brief History of Jezebel.

To make the archive more manageable, we have split it into sections. If you have anything to add to the archive, or any information or media which you think may be relevant to us, then please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Chairman’s Log Books

Log Books – those Chairman’s log books that we have electronic copies of.

Organisations Contributing to Jezebel

Dennis Brothers

White and Poppe


The London Fire Brigade

Life Before Imperial

LP8389 in London

LP8389 at Joseph Crosfield and Sons

Other Documentation

Map of N-Type Brigades – Map of locations which received N-Types for their fire brigades.

Surviving N-Types – Vehicles known to have survived in preservation around the world.

The Search – A crude account of how Jezebel’s history was uncovered.

Accident Register – The LFB’s record of accidents involving its appliances.

Downloads from Barry Hutchinson’s collection – Other material relating to Dennis Fire Appliances (external site).