Registration: OA5800

Name: Dusty

Delivered: 3rd September 1914

Original Brigade: Birmingham Fire Brigade (Selly Oak), Birmingham, UK (map)

Current Location: Birmingham Museums Collection Centre, Birmingham, UK (map)


OA5800 was delivered to Birmingham Fire Brigade in 1914. When taken out of service in 1931 it moved to British Thomson Houston & Co. in Blackheath, Birmingham, where it remained until the company donated it to the Birmingham Science Museum in 1953. It currently sits in the Birmingham Museums Collection Centre, which is open to the public a few days a year.

The appliance remains in its original BFB livery with an interesting tyre construction – small rectangles are cut into the surface. The tyre rims appear to have been painted white while in service which matches up with the catalogue photograph of the 6-cylinder version. A Gwynne pump is present on the back and there is evidence that it also had first aid gear, but this was removed at some point. It carries a short (30ft) AJAX extension ladder.

The transfer box cover is missing from the floor assembly, however there is evidence of wear on the other boards where it should be – indicating it was once present.

The vehicle has certainly not been run since at least 1980, and possibly not run since donation in 1953. It is still lubricated, judging by the patches of oil underneath.

(Photo is: OA-5800 at the Birmingham Museums Collection Centre)