Delivered: 18th October 1916

Original Brigade: Hamilton Fire Brigade, Hamilton, NZ (map)

Current Location: Anawhata Museum Trust, Whangarei, NZ (map)

Vital Statistics

  • Engine #: 7953
  • Engine Capacity: 9.121 l
  • Engine CxBxS: 4 x 127 x 180
  • Engine HP: 60
  • Body #: 4312


  • Holds the New Zealand record for continuous pumping, working for 24 hours at the Hora-Hora Power Station 40 miles from Hamilton.
  • Four firemen died when the vehicle collided with the rear end of a Ford Model T truck and went out of control on the way to a fire
  • Converted to pneumatics in 1934
  • Was at the Gilltrap Museum