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Freshers fortnight 2023

With some of our older student members deciding to do something responsible and go and get jobs, the garages were short of a few people to administer Brasso in large quantities. It was time to begin recruitment for this academic year. The RCSU banner was hung, floorboards Jeizered, brass polished, and the Risk assessment which was submitted weeks in advance finally got last minute approval. We first attended welcome fair where we saw a great amount of engagement from students. All four vehicles made it there (50% under their own power) and lined up for an excellent display on campus.

All four Vehicles lined up at welcome fair.

That same evening Jez was taken round to Eastside to give incoming students rides around the local area. Clem, Bo and Derrick were all also in attendance but were unfortunately not in a suitable condition to give students lifts. After a couple introductory garage sessions involving plenty of grease cap filling and a brief ride to the pub Jez had a bit of respite before we went to Hyde Park for our first pumping trip. It was the usual regurgitating-of-high-velocity-water related fun everyone can enjoy and saw a fresher turnout outnumbering pre-existing members. One pedalboat was successfully (but I must say accidentally) sprayed and Jez did not sink into the floor as Hyde Park seemed to think she might.

Said pedalboat after getting soaked. While they intended to go under the arch the revs were accidentally dropped partway through.

After this Jez spent an entire day outside the Royal Albert Hall for commemoration day but it was remarkably wet and remarkably uneventful so I’ll move on. Jez rounded up her eventful start to the year with the RCSU pub crawl. The students where given their pub crawl related merch, the Kangela was unenthusiastically chanted, and with that Jez made her way off to begin the pub crawl. The weather was again dreadful but many students enjoyed a drive around South Kensington all the same.

With all the events finally over we were able to complete some much needed maintenance. We completed a yearly inspection (which hadn’t been done since 2019) of the rear wheels and brakes. It was a long day but a good chance for students new and old to learn how to do an important job. With that Jez was practically ready for Brighton Run a couple of weeks later.

Freshers Events 2013

Jezebel is very busy in the first couple of weeks of term here is a list of some of the places where you can come and say hi, have a go at maintenance, or go for a ride. All events are free however some require booking or are only available to people at the event (e.g. RCSU Pub Crawl or the Mingle).

  • Saturday 28th September – The Mingle
    Jezebel will be giving lifts to Freshers from their halls to the Mingle. This is arranged by the Hall Wardens in advance.
  • Sunday 29th September  – The Mingle:
    Jezebel will be giving lifts to Freshers from their halls to the Mingle. This is arranged by the Hall Wardens in advance.
  • Tuesday 1st October (all day) – Fresher Fair:
    Jezebel will be on display and giving tours at the Freshers Fair. Come and say hi, find out about the club, what we get up to, or go for a short ride round the local area.
  • Wednesday 2nd October 12:30 – Garage Session and Tour of London
    Come and meet Jezebel: a 1916 Fire Engine. Learn how the club looks after her and have a go at doing some maintenance (no experience necessary: directions to the garage are available here. Anyone is welcome just to turn up to visit the garage, no booking necessary. After the maintenance is finished Jezebel will be going out on a tour of London: places limited so please book by emailing jez@imperial.ac.uk.
  • Thursday 3rd October 19:15 – RCSU Made in Chelsea Pub Crawl:
    Jezebel will be giving lifts between various pubs until 10:30. For safety reasons no drinks are allowed on Jezebel.
  • Tuesday 9th October 20:30 – RCSU Autumn Ball:
    Jezebel will be going for short tours of the local area until 10:30pm. Tours fill up as the evening wears on so its best to go on a tour early in the evening.
  • Wednesday 9th October 12:30 – Pumping trip in Hyde Park:
    Learn how to operate a water pump and use fire hoses with Jezebel, a 1916 Fire Engine. After meeting at the RCS MC Garage (directions to the garage are available here) we will drive to Hyde Park where you will learn how to use fire hoses and operate water pump. To book a space please email jez@imperial.ac.uk.