Greetings one and all,

Because of the fact that we’ve been super busy preparing Jez for her 100th birthday bash we were unable to hold our AGM before the Easter holiday. However, better late than never; we will be holding our AGM on the first Saturday after we return from the holidays, Saturday 30th April at 2:00pm. For most of you this will be some time before your exams start – for the unfortunate few others: sorry. We will discuss the important business (*cough* elections *cough*) at the beginning of the meeting – people are welcome to leave early or to participate via email.

We will be holding elections for the following positions:

Chairman (2016-2017)
The Chairman is ultimately responsible for everything that occurs within the club and is in charge of running the club from day-to-day. The Chairman’s official duties (as listed in the club’s constitution) are:

  • overseeing the other officers
  • chairing all meetings of the Club
  • overseeing all mechanical work on Jezebel
  • the purchasing of materials for stocking the garage
  • the maintenance of the Club’s tools
  • the organisation of all Club events
  • the Club’s membership of external organisations and any other external affairs
  • the organisation, in conjunction with the Treasurer, of Club finance
  • the compilation of reports as requested by the Recreational Clubs Committee or its parent bodies
  • the maintenance of the Chairman’s Log

Treasurer (2016-2017)
The Treasurer is generally responsible for financial matters, notably helping the Chairman to write the club’s budget each year. The Treasurer’s official duties (as listed in the club’s constitution) are:

  • the keeping of the Club accounts
  • the payment of bills
  • the selling of regalia
  • any other general financial matters

Secretary (2016-2017)
The Secretary is generally responsible for note-keeping and publicity. The Secretary’s official duties (as listed in the club’s constitution) are:

  • taking minutes at all general meetings of the Club
  • recording any formal decision made by the Executive Committee
  • managing publicity for the Club
  • maintaining the Club’s computing facilities
  • the maintenance of the uniforms

Secretary (2015-2016)
We will also be holding an election for a secretary for the remainder of the year. Because the Secretary’s only remaining major role is to minute the AGM, this role will not involve much work, but it will provide an excellent opportunity for you to familiarise yourself with the workings of the club prior to adopting any roles next year.

If you wish to stand for any of these positions, send us an email including the name of your seconder.

If you wish to stand but don’t think you will be able to attend the meeting, don’t worry – we can arrange for you to be represented at the meeting.

Constitutional Update
There will also be a discussion and a vote to approve updates to our constitution, which has been reshuffled to simplify the appendices and generally read easier. A copy of the constitution and the Club’s guidelines can be downloaded below for anyone that wishes to read it through and email us any suggestions to be discussed at the AGM.

AGM 2016 Papers

Brighton Preparation
Some of you may have noticed that Saturday 30th April will also be the May Brighton Run prep-day. Most of the prep will in fact have been done before the 30th, but the tradition of a huge gathering in the garage later in the day will probably still go ahead regardless…

Best regards,
Oscar “Winnie” Farrell