The RCS Motor Club exists to maintain and run Jezebel. Our philosophy is that she is there to be run, so we organise and attend a number of social events throughout the year. Come rain or shine, you’ll find us in and around London and the South East. For the most up-to-date information about events you should also join our mailing list.

Upcoming Events

For up-to-date information about weekly events, social trips and garage sessions it is recommended you join the RCS Motor Club mailing list.

Trips and Events

A summary of most of the events Jez does annually.

Jez has a packed calendar of events starting the night the Freshers’ arrive in their new Halls. Jez takes her role as a mascot of the College very seriously and is often pride of place at important events throughout the year. She also likes to let her hair down with numerous members’ trips to rallies, shows and parades.

Workshop Sessions

Jez requires a lot of attention to keep her running, with maintenance and repair sessions being held on Wednesday afternoons (and some Saturdays). This is an ideal way to get your hands (and arms, legs, clothes, hair…) dirty and learn how Jez works.

Social Activites

Maintenance sessions are often followed by a social trip out, with or without Jez. At times Jez will take a trip out once or twice a week, subject to all the bits still being attached.

Even if you don’t want to get dirty, you are more than welcome to come along to the Social events and trips out!

Have Jez at Your Event

Jezebel is here for the use of the students at Imperial College, and is available for clubs, societies, and the Union to hire. We are also very happy to attend public events and rallies. Find out how to get Jezebel at your next event.

Past Shows and Rallies

Find out how many different rallies Jezebel has been to, what year was the first time she missed a HCVS London-Brighton Run, as well as much more.