Freshers’ Fortnight

The first few weeks of the first term have a hectic schedule, with Jez out and about for various events.
  • Freshers’ Hall Trips – First two days of Autumn term (Saturday/Sunday)
  • Freshers Fair – First Tuesday of Autumn term
  • RCSU Pub Crawl – First Thursday of Autumn term
  • RCSU Autumn Ball – Second week of Autumn term
  • Sightseeing Tour & Pumping – First Wednesdays of Autumn term
  • Departmental Events – Various events take place throughout the year

First Term

  • Undergraduate Commemoration Day – Last Wednesday of October
  • VCC London to Brighton Run – First Sunday of November
  • Christmas Lights Trip – Last week of Autumn term
  • RCSU Winter Ball – Last week of Autumn Term
  • RCSMC OGM – Towards the end of Autumn term

Second Term

  • RCSU Spring Ball – Last week of Spring term
  • RCSMC AGM – Towards the end of Spring term

Third Term

  • HCVS London to Brighton Run – First Sunday of May
  • Postgraduate Commemoration Day – Second Wednesday of May
  • Imperial Festival – First weekend of May
  • Miglia Quadrato – First weekend of May (Saturday night/Sunday Morning)
  • RCSMC Annual Bar Night – Towards the end of Summer term
  • RCSU Summer Ball – Last week of Summer term
  • Union Summer Ball – Last Tuesday of Summer term

Summer Holiday

  • Brooklands Emergency Services Day
  • Kew Bridge Steam Museum Historic Fire Engines Rally
  • Enfield Pageant of Motoring
  • Amberley Fire Show
  • Uxbridge Autoshow
  • Odiham Fire Show
  • Isle of Wight Steam Show