We are happy to take Jez to interesting new events. If you would like us to go to something, the best way to get in touch is to email jez@imperial.ac.uk. This is checked by the current committee so you won’t end up chasing someone who has left the club. You can find a postal address at the bottom of the page, however this is only checked during term time and email will ensure a quicker, more reliable response.

Imperial College Events

Jez is maintained and run for Imperial College students and receives a grant from Imperial College Union for this purpose. We are happy to attend most club, union, halls of residence, departmental and college events, subject to the mechanical condition of the vehicle and availability of a crew.

If travelling off campus is involved we would generally request a donation to cover running costs such as petrol and oil. For long events we ask that refreshments are provided for the crew, which will typically consist of three people.

Events with Alcohol

The club is happy to bring Jez to events such as pub crawls and dinners with alcohol, however we place the safety of vehicle, crew and passengers as our top priority. Passengers are not restrained whilst travelling and sit on the outside of Jez. Parts of vehicle are fragile or hazardous so Jez must be treated with respect. As such we may refuse to carry anyone who we feel is too intoxicated or has a bad attitude – its a long way down to the road. In rare cases we may leave an event if the crowd becomes too rowdy.

Public Events, Parades and Rallies

We’re always on the look out for exciting new events to visit with Jez. As well as historic vehicle rallies, we’re particularly interested in attending community events and have previously attended fire station open days, church fayres and school fetes. Please contact the club, preferably via email, if you have an event you think we might like to attend!

Private Events

Jez does not generally attend private events, however if given a compelling proposition we could be persuaded. In some circumstances we may have to increase the coverage of our insurance, for which there would be a charge. Once again, please contact the club and we will get back to you.