The Union have said they are no longer going to host clubs and societies websites, this decision in our opinion is dumb, but alas the RCSA to the rescue. They have graciously agreed to host our website so we can continue to maintain a functioning web presence and publicly accessible information about the club, Jezebel, and Dennis fire engine in general.

Now in better news, how about a new old photo, or an ‘old’ new photo?

Photo of Jezebel taken on a period early 1900s camera.

This was taken with Eric’s new-old toy, after repairing the tripod, cutting new frame glass, fixing several other problems and then spending upwards of 30 minutes just trying to get Jezebel in focus, here we are – and I think it came out quote well too. Jez is mid 500 mile service – there’s no slowing down progress for photography (well there was a little, the exposure time was 45 seconds!).