1. Change Engine Oil
  2. Tappet Clearances
  3. Oil Pipes
  4. Differential Oil
  5. Steering Box
  6. Engine, Chassis, Suspension and Steering Bolts and Rivets

Change Engine Oil

  1. Remove sump plug
  2. Remove oil tank drain plug
  3. Allow to drain
  4. Replace plugs
  5. Refill the engine with 3 pints of engine oil, poured in through the breather.
  6. Refill the tank with 5 pints of engine oil.

Tappet Clearances

  1. Open bonnet
  2. Remove tappet covers
  3. The firing sequence is 1-3-4-2, a tappet should be checked when it is fully down. This is achieved by using a cylinder 360oC out from a cylinder with its valve fully up, eg if cylinder 1’s inlet is open, it is safe to set the clearance on number 4 inlet. The engine should be turned over by the starting handle until it is in the correct position.
  4. Check tappet clearance with a feeler gauge. Use 8thou for the inlet tappets and 12thou for the outlet tappets. It should pass though with only a slight dragging, if you are not sure try a couple of thou too large and too small.
  5. If it needs adjusting the two lock nuts need to be slackened, the tappet adjusted and the lock nuts retightened and the gap checked again. Repeat, as necessary until the clearance is correct, note that the adjustment will move as the locking nut is tightened so this must be preempted.
  6. Replace tappet covers.

Oil Pipes

The oil pipes need to be inspected for any signs of damage, cracking, or loosening of solder joints. They also need to be checked for tightness. There are two areas of oil pipes:

  1. The four that leave the top of number one main bearing.
  2. The three pipes which connect the tank, the pump and the bottom of number one main bearing.

Differential Oil

Diff Filler Plug

Diff Filler Plug

To check the level of oil in the differential the filler plug must be removed, it should be checked that the level is up to the thread in the filler. Fill up with steam oil if required.

Steering Box

The Brass Filler Plug

The Brass Filler Plug

The steering box should be lubricated with graphite grease.

  1. Remove brass filler plug
  2. Insert grease gun and turn handle five times
  3. Replace plug.

Engine, Chassis, Suspension and Steering Bolts and Rivets

Check that all bolts and rivets are tight, and have split pins where necessary.

Examples are as follows: