Oil Pressure gauge cone

The oil pressure reading occasionally drops as a result of a particles becoming lodged on the oil pressure gauge cone. This is located on the back of the crankcase.

To clean it:

  1. Loosen union from brass assembly to oil pressure gauge take off.
  2. Loosen union to no5 main bearing feed pipe.
  3. Unscrew brass assembly from crankcase.
  4. Unscrew steel top piece from brass lower.
  5. Remove cone and spring, wipe everything down and reassemble. DO NOT tighten steel upper to secure banjo until the banjo is aligned by the oil pressure gauge take-off pipe.

Selector Rod Glands

When the selector rod glands begin to leak excessively it is time to tighten them.

This is done with a special spanner that engages in the holes in the gland nuts. If this does not solve the problem it is time to replace the gland packing.