This page explains how to look after Jezebel’s bodywork.

Parts of Jez
Parts of Jez


See page on Painting.

Bench Seats (1)

Should the bench seats begin to look scruffy or the varnish begin to wear through it will be necessary to reapply the varnish.

  • Remove bench seat, by removing the three retaining bolts.
  • Mark orientation of the slats and bolts, as otherwise the seats will not go back together afterwards.
  • Rub down the wood, wipe with white spirit, and apply yacht varnish.
  • Leave a few days (otherwise the varnish will never harden), rub down.

Recovering the Driver’s Seat Back (2)

See page on Recovering the Driver’s Seat Back.

Bonnet (3)

  1. Unclip the two brass catches on either side of the bonnet.
  2. Unbolt the six bolts holding the bonnet to the bonnet rails (two per rail). Each bolt should have a lock nut in addition to the normal nut.
  3. Carefully lift off the bonnet.

Reassembly is the reversal of removal.

Headlamps (4)

The headlamps may be removed either separately or on their brackets.

Removing separately:

  1. Disconnect bayonet coupling
  2. Loosen lock nuts and bolts at side of lamp.
  3. Remove lamp

Removing bracket:

  1. Disconnect bayonet coupling
  2. Unbolt bracket at chassis rail while supporting lamp.
  3. Remove bracket.

Brass Radiator Rail (5)

  1. Remove headlamps
  2. Remove remaining bolts to chassis rail
  3. Remove brass rail with brackets
  1. Unbolt the six coach bolts securing the sidebox to the rails across the fire engine.
  2. Unscrew the three brass screws holding the sidebox to the rear wing.
  3. Unbolt the three coach bolts at the front and rear underside of the sidebox securing the bottom flange of the wings.
  4. Remove front top panel of the side box by removing brass trim and aluminium plate to allow access to the screws securing it.
  5. Remove bolts passing through the front of the sidebox to secure the wing.
  6. Lift off sidebox.