1. Slacken the hand brake turnbuckle so that the shoes can compress completely. (See Braking System).
  2. Jack up the wheel you want to remove.
  3. Rotate the wheel so that the hub cap points down and drain the oil.
  4. Remove the four bolts around the hub and use a screw driver in the cap to pull the hub off.
  5. Remove the split pin and castle nut from the end of the shaft and pull out the large castilation.
  6. Place the wheel dolly under the wheel, jacking if necessary.
  7. Using a second jack, raise the other side so that the diff is level.
  8. Adjust both jacks so that the wheel can just spin above the dolly, and that the diff is level.
  9. Spin the wheel slightly while pulling it away from the Jez.

Assembly is the reverse, but remember these points:

  1. To get the wheel onto the shaft make sure the diff is level and the wheel is level.
  2. When tightening the castle nut use the spanner to do up fairly tight and then back off slightly. That way you can be sure the wheel is fully on, but it is free to spin.