1. Remove six bolts retaining the bonnet. Lift if clear and lay it down on a blanket.
  2. Remove the four bolts retaining the centre bonnet support and place somewhere sensible.
  3. Remove the two clamps retaining the ignition conduit.
  4. Unscrew the centre HT lead from the distributor.
  5. Unscrew the two wires from the side of the distributor (remove the cap for access to the screws)
  6. Swing conduit out of the way.
  7. Remove the water pipework
  8. Pipe from front pot to water pump.
  9. Pipe between the two pots (mark orientation)
  10. Pipe from back pot to radiator (this includes the pipe to the inlet manifold)
  11. Remove brass bonnet rail from bulkhead. One of the retaining bolts must be accessed from the electrical box on the drivers side.
  12. Remove spark plugs to avoid damage.
  13. Remove distributor.
  14. Withdraw the two nuts holding the bracket to the crankcase.
  15. Undo the timing linkage
  16. Remove inlet manifold with the carburettor still in place
  17. Remove four nuts holding the pipe from the water pump to the manifold.
  18. Unclip the return spring from the steering box.
  19. Loosen the petrol union.
  20. Uncouple the throttle linkage at the ball joint.
  21. Loosen the four nuts holding on the manifold to the pots.
  22. Remove the two bottom nuts.
  23. Remove the two top nuts while supporting the manifold.
  24. Withdraw the manifold, being carfull to catch the manifold heating pipe.
  25. Remove exhaust manifold
  26. Remove the nuts holding on the exhaust manifold.
  27. Remove the front exhaust section.
  28. Remove the back section at the coupling under the chairmans seat.
  29. Remove the split pins on the six pot retaining bolts.
  30. Loosen the nuts.
  31. Remove the nuts.
  32. Position gantry over pot.
  33. Turn Jez over until two pistons are at TDC.
  34. Suspend blue pot lifting block on chainblock.
  35. Run strop through pot between cylinders. Thread one side of the stop to either side of the tappet cover studs.
  36. Gently raise pot, making sure the pot is raising directly upwards.
  37. Support pistons as the pot is raised, as one piston become clear, lean it over and rest it on clean soft cloth.
  38. Raise pot clear of Jez and move out of the way.

On reassembly replace the gaskets with new.