1. Loosen all bolts in a diagonal fashion
  2. Drain Oil (it is then less messy)
  3. Remove pipes from oil pump
  4. Pipe from pump to Front of sump (No.1 Main bearing)
  5. Pipe from pump to top of oil tank
  6. Pipe from pump to bottom of tank
  7. Remove Oil pump
  8. Remove timing case lower cover
  9. Remove the four bolts securing the starting handle boss.
  10. Remove the brass oiling block at the front of the sump, followed by the tube which links this to the bottom of No.1 main bearing (this can be withdrawn carefully with a pair of pliers).
  11. Loosen all the nuts holding on the sump (1/8-1/16″). MAKE SURE ALL FASTENERS ARE LOOSE AND THE FOUR STARTING HANDLE BOLTS REMOVED. Break the seal between the crankcase and sump. I found hanging on the oil pump flange worked, but you could also gently tap the sump (as close to the crankcase/corners) as possible with a rawhide mallet.
  12. Remove all but the four corner nuts and two middle nuts. Lower these nuts so that they are close to the end of the bolts. Support the sump, remove the last six nuts, and gently lower the sump avoiding hitting it on the steering cross member.

Replace the gasket with a new one on reassembly (0.4mm paper), lightly secure all the bolts, then tighten them all to make sure the sump is pulled into the correct position. Allow gasket sealant to settle then retighten.