“An odometer or odograph is an instrument that indicates distance traveled by a vehicle, such as a bicycle or automobile. The device may be electronic, mechanical, or a combination of the two. The word derives from the Greek words hodós (“path” or “gateway”) and métron (“measure”).” – wikipedia

The odometer is driven by a drive belt which is placed round the drive shaft between the UJ and the rear box joint. This also drives the speedometer part. Experience has shown that both parts under read. 24 Jez miles per hour corresponds to approximately 30 mph.

The trip counter is reset by pressing the button located on the left hand side of the assembly. Each press reduces the record distance traveled on the trip counter. Multiple presses are required to reset the counter.

It is worth noting that the odometer has not always been running, and that Jez has gone for multiple periods without it operating, as such the total miles drive is not accurate.

Due to the design of the drive system of the odometer it is possible to run it backwards (simply by rotating the drive in the opposite direction to normal) – this can simply be achieved by reversing when the odometer is connected correctly, this is not recommended:

“I sit down and say to myself, how can I convert a mileage reading of one hundred and fifty thousand into only ten thousand without taking the speedometer to pieces? Well, if I were to run the car backwards for long enough then obviously that would do it. The numbers would click backwards, wouldn’t they? But who’s going to drive a flaming car in reverse for thousands and thousands of miles? You couldn’t do it!” – Matilda, Roald Dahl.

Replacing the Drive Belt

The drive belt was most recently replaced using a Betalon Multiply Flat Belting from store.lathes.co.uk.

The belt wants to be just under one inch wide – the replacement used was a one inch belt which had a roughly 1/8th inch section removed as the next size down available was only 0.75 inches which was thought to be to narrow.

This belt was 22 inches in length once the belt had been joined. However this is a little large and the belt slips on easily.