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A Summary of Summer

Over Summer Jez has attended many events, receiving countless awards. 2 to be precise. On the 16th of July, at the Uxbridge Auto Show Jez won the trophy for best public service vehicle, she then blew us away and won the Car Of The Show award. Overall a successful motor club outing.

Next up was the Brooklands Reunion; while not technically qualifying as an ex-Brooklands racer the public cheered as David Cowin drove Jez up and down the embankment at a speed that can only be described as frightening and reckless. Jez was also placed in the ‘High performance’ category with some of the land-speed record breakers, a challenge she tried to meet. Tried….

Then there was her longest journey of the year – the Isle of Wight Steam Show. We embarked early in the morning and made it all the way into Guildford before Jez decided she didn’t need one of her exhaust valve covers. With a loud bang she threw it out and the succeeding emergency breaking caused a 3 car pile up. This is if you describe a driver rear ending a car just hard enough to pushing it gently into out tender van a 3 car pile up. We soon dressed the the threads, reinstalled the valve cover, told Jez off, and got back on our way to the island. At the island Jez was as ever a hit with the public. The week was fun and Jez were graced by possibly her youngest mechanics thanks to the Weetman-Patter-Clan. The way back was less eventful but just as bumpy.

Next Jez went to The London Fire Brigade Museum’s Fire Engine Festival where Jez was the oldest of a large fleet of fire engines of all ages. 
Finally for our summer events we have the London Museum of Water and Steam in KewBridge. We had lots of fun pumping with Jez and with a lovely Shand Mason steam pump. We slept next to a warm 90″ beam engine overnight in the museum and ate locomotive bacon for breakfast before letting more children give us headaches with Jez’s bell.

And That was Jez’s summer, an eventful and exciting couple of months.

IMG_20170813_161900 IMG_20170923_124336-EFFECTS
IMG_20170923_124306  IMG_20170824_080922

Best in Class at Uxbridge

Jezebel was awarded the best in class award (Public Service Vehicle) at Uxbridge Autoshow. The Trophy was presented to the Club by the Hillingdon Mayor.

The show has been running since 1984 and to date has raised over £550,000 for local and national charities. It is organised by the Rotary Club of Uxbridge and features a wide range of vehicles.

More details about the show can be found on the event website:

For a list of other shows and rallies that the club has attended see: Past Shows and Rallies.

Mayor Presents trophey

Mayor presents the Club with the trophy.
Photo thanks to the Rotary Club of Uxbridge

Photo thanks to the Rotary Club of Uxbridge

Jezebel in the Arena.
Photo thanks to the Rotary Club of Uxbridge

Jezebel and Clementine on display at the Show.

Jezebel and Clementine on display at the Show.
Photo thanks to the Rotary Club of Uxbridge

Club AGM 2016

Greetings one and all,

Because of the fact that we’ve been super busy preparing Jez for her 100th birthday bash we were unable to hold our AGM before the Easter holiday. However, better late than never; we will be holding our AGM on the first Saturday after we return from the holidays, Saturday 30th April at 2:00pm. For most of you this will be some time before your exams start – for the unfortunate few others: sorry. We will discuss the important business (*cough* elections *cough*) at the beginning of the meeting – people are welcome to leave early or to participate via email.

We will be holding elections for the following positions:

Chairman (2016-2017)
The Chairman is ultimately responsible for everything that occurs within the club and is in charge of running the club from day-to-day. The Chairman’s official duties (as listed in the club’s constitution) are:

  • overseeing the other officers
  • chairing all meetings of the Club
  • overseeing all mechanical work on Jezebel
  • the purchasing of materials for stocking the garage
  • the maintenance of the Club’s tools
  • the organisation of all Club events
  • the Club’s membership of external organisations and any other external affairs
  • the organisation, in conjunction with the Treasurer, of Club finance
  • the compilation of reports as requested by the Recreational Clubs Committee or its parent bodies
  • the maintenance of the Chairman’s Log

Treasurer (2016-2017)
The Treasurer is generally responsible for financial matters, notably helping the Chairman to write the club’s budget each year. The Treasurer’s official duties (as listed in the club’s constitution) are:

  • the keeping of the Club accounts
  • the payment of bills
  • the selling of regalia
  • any other general financial matters

Secretary (2016-2017)
The Secretary is generally responsible for note-keeping and publicity. The Secretary’s official duties (as listed in the club’s constitution) are:

  • taking minutes at all general meetings of the Club
  • recording any formal decision made by the Executive Committee
  • managing publicity for the Club
  • maintaining the Club’s computing facilities
  • the maintenance of the uniforms

Secretary (2015-2016)
We will also be holding an election for a secretary for the remainder of the year. Because the Secretary’s only remaining major role is to minute the AGM, this role will not involve much work, but it will provide an excellent opportunity for you to familiarise yourself with the workings of the club prior to adopting any roles next year.

If you wish to stand for any of these positions, send us an email including the name of your seconder.

If you wish to stand but don’t think you will be able to attend the meeting, don’t worry – we can arrange for you to be represented at the meeting.

Constitutional Update
There will also be a discussion and a vote to approve updates to our constitution, which has been reshuffled to simplify the appendices and generally read easier. A copy of the constitution and the Club’s guidelines can be downloaded below for anyone that wishes to read it through and email us any suggestions to be discussed at the AGM.

AGM 2016 Papers

Brighton Preparation
Some of you may have noticed that Saturday 30th April will also be the May Brighton Run prep-day. Most of the prep will in fact have been done before the 30th, but the tradition of a huge gathering in the garage later in the day will probably still go ahead regardless…

Best regards,
Oscar “Winnie” Farrell


A Trip to Germany


The RCS Motor Club web site contains a cross reference to “A brief history of Jezebel”. This claim to brevity is all too accurate in respect of the trip to Köln in 1982 which is covered in one sentence:
“in 1982 she appeared on Blue Peter just before being transported to Cologne in Germany to take part in the Karnival of which the twenty five crew have only hazy (alcoholic) memories”.

Hazy memories or not Jezebel deserves a fuller account than that, says Andy Stevens who provides the following account of the trip abroad with Jezebel.

A Trip to Germany

Karneval has been celebrated in Köln since time immemorial but the 1982 format was of indoor balls and parties and outdoor street parades culminating in grand parades on the Sunday and Monday before Lent. The theme for the parade is traditionally declared at 1111 hours on the 11th day of the previous November after which floats and costumes are made and stocks of chocolate, eau de cologne and flowers assembled to shower upon the bystanders. Karneval is also an excuse for the consumption of lots of the local beer, Kölsch, which made it very appealing to the Motor Club members.

All the Motor Club needed to join this fun was: an invitation, a place to stay and Jezebel in Köln. John Walkington’s friend Rolf Kuschel arranged with a local school for Jezebel to accompany the children in their parade, organised our supply of sweets to ‘distribute’ and also arranged with an international haulier (Westermann) for Jezebel to be transported to and stored safely in a warehouse in Köln. Andy Stevens borrowed a public address system from EMI to play Karneval music on the parade, and John Walkington provided the floor to sleep on. NB the RCS Motor Club web site records that 25 people came for Karneval; but John and I believe that there was only room for 15 on the Walkington floor. It should also be recorded that everyone wanted to sleep on Debbie’s side of the room rather than Charlie’s; since Debbie was Queen of Jez and Charlie was a large piranha in a tank you will understand why.

After much polishing and cleaning in the warehouse and the fitting of boards, balloons and sound system, Jezebel was ready to take part in the school’s parade and her picture duly appeared in the local newspapers and WDR TV report. Jezebel was then off to the Deutz fire brigade for a little pumping demonstration. The local feuerwehr were amused that our first hose leaked a bit but when we attached a better one they were impressed with Jezebel’s performance. Fun was had by all until the boss arrived on the scene and told us to stop as we were lowering the water pressure in his main. Killjoy.

Although I know that Jezebel featured in the newspaper report of the Sunday parade I do not have a copy but John Walkington has rounded up some photographs which are reproduced below. NB The words on the boards on Jezebel: “M’r losse nix aanbrenne” are local Kölsch dialect; almost untranslatable but I’m told that “Whatever happens we are there” gives some flavour of the meaning.

germany_1Jezebel demonstrates her party finery to the locals.

germany_2With Koln cathedral in the background it is time to parade. Notice young Andy Wilson in the white boiler suit and…. Marco, put that brass nozzle back!

germany_3Now see what you’ve done, Marco, they all want one, even Duncan.

germany_4Parade over. Now is the time for the Rolf Kuschel to show us hiss skill in the Culinary art of Reibekuchen (potato fritters). The women in the green hat is Rhea Kuschel, provider of these photographs.

germany_5Meanwhile, Nick Wilkinson and John Walkington stick to a liquid diet.

germany_6And others brush up on their driving skills.

Photos from the 100th

Upload Your photos

Please use this submission box to upload your images from Jezebel’s 100th Birthday to a central folder – this will enable other guests and the club to download your photos.

We will sort through the photos that you upload and add them to our website and Facebook page.

Descriptions are optional and will be visible to all.

An email address is required but will only be visible to the Club.

Download Photos

All the photos that have been uploaded using the form on this page are available at:

You do not need to have any accounts to view or download photos.

If you have any issues with uploading or downloading photos then please get in touch with the club.

Pumping in Hyde Park

Come and learn how to be a fireman and squirt water all over the place with Jezebel, the 1916 Fire Engine owned by the RCSU and looked after by current students.

This FREE event on Saturday 17th October will teach you the basics of how to use the water pump to spray water, as well as giving you an opportunity to learn all about Jezebel and what the Club gets up to throughout the year.

No experience or prior knowledge is needed. Simply bring yourself in clothes that you don’t mind getting wet.

We will be carrying out the pumping on the North bank of the Serpentine in Hyde Park.

To take part turn up at the RCS Motor Club Garage at 12:00 (directions here) if you would like a lift to the park on Jezebel.

If you can’t make it to the Garage at 12:00 then simply come and find us in Hyde Park throughout the afternoon. We will be packing up and heading back to the Garage at 17:00.

There is no need to book a space but if you are planning on coming along or would like to ask any question about the activity (or the club) then simply email

60th Birthday Party

Happy birthday to us, happy birthday to us, happy birthday RCS Motor Cluuub… Happy birthday to us. (Apologies for the terrible singing.)

To celebrate the club’s 60th birthday, we will be holding a get-together in the Union Bar at 19:00 Saturday the 13th of June (with a buffet and a bar tab). Please note that this is a ticketed event, details below.

Weather permitting, the afternoon has also been slated for a pumping session in Hyde Park, so you’re more than welcome to come along for the whole day.

Anyone who has been involved with RCS Motor Club over the last 60 years are all welcome to come along to either or both events.

We look forward to seeing lots of you throughout the day.

If you have any questions or would just like to get in touch with the Club then please do send us an email:

Pumping in Hyde Park

We are meeting at the RCS Motor Club Garage at 12:00 (directions here). We will then be heading over to Hyde Park to the north bank of the Serpentine to go pumping – see map.

If you can’t make it to the Garage at 12:00 then simply come and find us in Hyde Park throughout the afternoon. We will be packing up and heading back to the Garage at 17:00.

There is no need to book a ticket but if you are planning on coming along then we would appreciate it if you let us know so we have an idea of the number of people we should expect – simply email

Party in the Union Bar

We have booked the Union Bar from 19:00 on 13th June.

We have arranged for a Bar Tab and a buffet which are included in the cost of the ticket.

Because the sapce in the Union Bar is limited and to help cover the cost of the event, we are selling tickets (for the reasonable price of £12).

Tickets are on sale on the Imperial College Website.

You do not have to be a member of the Union or the Club to purchase a ticket.

Once you have bought a ticket you will recieve an email confirming your purchase. We will have a list of all the tickets sold and will be checking the names on the door.

The only tickets that will be available on the door will be those not sold in advance so please buy your ticket in advance to avoid being unable to gain entry.

Christmas Lights Trip 2014

Whoop! It’s almost time for the RCS & RSM motor clubs’ Christmas lights trip! Every year we take Jez and Clem around Knightsbridge to gaze in awe at the Christmas lights whilst the public gaze in awe at us and our spangly vehicles (which we’ve wrapped in tinsel for the occasion, making them look even more amazing than usual and not even slightly ridiculous). Obtain your free ticket via the following link and be prepared for tourists to photograph you like the god you are.

Meet at the Garages at 18:00, Wednesday 17th December.

Directions to the garage can be found here.



Freshers Events 2013

Jezebel is very busy in the first couple of weeks of term here is a list of some of the places where you can come and say hi, have a go at maintenance, or go for a ride. All events are free however some require booking or are only available to people at the event (e.g. RCSU Pub Crawl or the Mingle).

  • Saturday 28th September – The Mingle
    Jezebel will be giving lifts to Freshers from their halls to the Mingle. This is arranged by the Hall Wardens in advance.
  • Sunday 29th September  – The Mingle:
    Jezebel will be giving lifts to Freshers from their halls to the Mingle. This is arranged by the Hall Wardens in advance.
  • Tuesday 1st October (all day) – Fresher Fair:
    Jezebel will be on display and giving tours at the Freshers Fair. Come and say hi, find out about the club, what we get up to, or go for a short ride round the local area.
  • Wednesday 2nd October 12:30 – Garage Session and Tour of London
    Come and meet Jezebel: a 1916 Fire Engine. Learn how the club looks after her and have a go at doing some maintenance (no experience necessary: directions to the garage are available here. Anyone is welcome just to turn up to visit the garage, no booking necessary. After the maintenance is finished Jezebel will be going out on a tour of London: places limited so please book by emailing
  • Thursday 3rd October 19:15 – RCSU Made in Chelsea Pub Crawl:
    Jezebel will be giving lifts between various pubs until 10:30. For safety reasons no drinks are allowed on Jezebel.
  • Tuesday 9th October 20:30 – RCSU Autumn Ball:
    Jezebel will be going for short tours of the local area until 10:30pm. Tours fill up as the evening wears on so its best to go on a tour early in the evening.
  • Wednesday 9th October 12:30 – Pumping trip in Hyde Park:
    Learn how to operate a water pump and use fire hoses with Jezebel, a 1916 Fire Engine. After meeting at the RCS MC Garage (directions to the garage are available here) we will drive to Hyde Park where you will learn how to use fire hoses and operate water pump. To book a space please email
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